BOPFresh Flowers

Rs 300

Bunch of 10 Pics1

Rose TajFresh Flowers

Rs 100-200

Each40 to 90 length of stem and 3.5 to 5 cm Buds

Asiatic LilumFresh Flowers

Rs 250-300

Per MonthWe are the wholesaler of Ilium

GladiolusLocal Flowers

Rs 300


CaernitionFresh Flowers

Rs 80


TulipFresh Flowers

Rs 550-600


OrchidsFresh Flowers

Rs 250



Rs 150-250

EachImported Hydrangea Dark Pink

Lily OrientalImported Oriental Lily

Rs 600


Our Floral Design Services Are Now At Bengaluru

One of the most exciting aspectsof our company is that we are always making efforts to never let our business remain stagnant.We are constantly expanding and therefore, we have now embarked upon the work of spreading the name and the services of our leading florist house specializing in floral design services across various major cities in the country. It will do you good to know that after setting up business in some of the major metropolitan cities in the country, we are now also available at Bengaluru, making use of the fertile soils there and the great variety of flowers that are available in the markets of the city. You have the option to avail our city wise services with the touch of a button.

Vibrant And Beautiful Flower Arrangements

Bengaluru is one of our most crucial cities owing to the rich variety of flowers that can be found here. We have our sources directly from the Bengaluru mandis to provide us with the freshest of flowers when we need to deliver to our customers in accordance with the orders they have placed us. The rates of these flowers vary depending upon the ongoing rates in the market at that time. However, it will do you good to know that in most cases, if the flower that has been ordered is not particularly exotic then we try to keep the rates as affordable as possible for more people to be able to avail our services and get the best value for their money.