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The Dhol is a double-sided drum played mainly as an accompanying instrument in regional music forms. The traditional sizes of the drum vary a touch from region to region. In Punjab, the Dhol remains massive and hulking to supply the popular loud bass. In different regions, dhols will be found in disagree shapes and sizes and created with completely different woods and materials. The stretched skin on one among the ends is wide and produces a deep, low constancy sound and also the different dilutant one produces the next repetition sound.  The dhol is contend mistreatment one or 2 wood sticks, usually created out of bamboo and cane wood. The stick accustomed play the device, called the herb in Punjabi, is thick and is bent in a very quarter-circular arc on the & that strikes the instrument. One of the most necessary parts of the Ganesh festival is the Dhol & music systems thatare played both, at time of transportation the idol to the Mandap and also throughout the visarjan. The Band teams consisted totally different of many range of individuals and different styles of instruments. They will even be classified on the premise of the design of taking part in. The band is generally vie each at the time of Shana further as on day of visarjan .The prices charged by the dhol organization varies for every day. Supported the gap further  because the time of taking part in the costs area unit fastened with the client.
1. Dhol for Punjabi wedding
2. Dhol for marriage function
3. Dhol for Geet, Sangeet, and All function
4. Dhol for Bhangra

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