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A wedding card is an invitation asking the receiver to attend a marriage, functions, Ceremony and events. Wedding cards are typically made in ceremonial, third-person language and wedding. The Card is forward five to seven weeks before the marriage date. Like other invitation, it is the advantage and responsibility of the party-giver, for younger brides in Western culture.
Advantages of Wedding Cards:  Cards can forever stay a crucial half special occasions. Whether or not it's the asserting of a happening, an invite or on a present, nothing expresses the personalized feeling higher than those words on a card. This is often the most important advantage of the cardboard culture. Even the foremost elaborate gift cannot do higher than that poignant message on a wedding card. The lot of personalized there, purposeful the message. Invitation Cards are formal and increase the importance of an incident. You’ll invite folks verbally, set a date and announce it in family circles; however nothing says this is often very happening just like the formal invite. For many folks attending the event, the cardboard remains as a reward. Further, the standard and style of the cardboard sets the tone for the remainder of the event. An evident invite card provides the sensation of an easy event, whereas designer Indian wedding cards, as an example, bring the sensation of a lavish event
Types of Wedding Cards - The kind of wedding you are going to have help in the selecting a style of wedding cards. There are types of wedding cards to choose from:
Engraved Wedding Invitations: Engraved is used for in the most formal type of wedding card. Copper plate is used in engraved and your invitations wording is carved on the copper plate.
Thermo Graphed Wedding Cards: Engraved wedding card is look very stylish and everyone want to print for their wedding, But its cost is high. In such case you can use the thermo graphy cards. This is a type of printing that gives a similar effect to engrave. In this card ink is mixed with dry particles. Off-Set Printed Wedding Card: This is well planned type of card that is generally used for business printing needs. This printed card very cheap, but not the perfect for weddings, This cards don't have very graceful look.
Handwritten Wedding Card: Such wedding cards written by the hand, written on plain white paper. Handwritten cards are not good for formal wedding, but perfect for small or informal wedding.
Contemporary Wedding Card: This type of wedding cards printed on ivory and white paper, contemporary cards made by different colors and design such as picture of a wedded couple and flowers. Contemporary cards are a best way to customize your wedding card, but should not be used for ultra-formal weddings.

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