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A wedding mandap is a place which is prepared with Mantra, Bamboo and Kush for the purpose of a Satanist wedding. The main wedding ceremonies take place under the mandap. Everyone has a dream wedding design out in one's mind. No matter how unusual or how amazing romantic the dream, there's every time a dream. A wedding mandap is a mandap passing set up for the purpose of a Hindu or Jain wedding. The main wedding ceremonies take place below the mandap. The first ceremony of the wedding day is the Mandap Puja. The Mandap is considered a blessed place & preparations are done to purify the mandap and hall, where marriage is to take place.

Indian weddings thrive on the idea of a mandap a special house allotted for the bride, groom, and the priest conducting the ceremony and the immediate family members during the wedding. This is often so a special place as this is often the middle of focus considering the foremost necessary individuals are going to be seated on this stage for everybody to witness the holy matrimony. Decorating a mandap will be tough, considering its importance within the ceremony. It includes most of the necessary things needed within the wedding that can't be misused. 

Mandap is the major attraction of a wedding where the groom and the marriage partner take vows around the blessed fire to get bonded with each other for the lifetime. some Shaped Mandap This mandap dates back to the times of mughal & represent rich Indian culture and convention. The mandap has exquisite pillars showing the elite wedding. The dome is embellished with flowers to boost the design of the mandap.

Different types of Mandap

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