Oriental lily flowers are shipped directly from our farms with no water tubes. Before shipping your flowers, we to arrange them for his or her journey with correct association ways. If your flowers seem asleep and thirsty once their journey it's totally ancient. Merely follow these simple steps and your flowers will keep beautiful.

Life Of Flower

40 Days

5 - 7 Degree
Season Availablity
Country Availablity
Color Availablity



Wedding flower pack fifty roses and magnolia genus orchids could also be an explosive, spirited combine, placed on with ornate theatrics from the sheer natural result of the color and sort of the provided flowers. The first focal of the mixture is that the fifty stems of roses, so divided in to induce a pair of equal color choices. Twenty-five stems of one of our thirteen color decisions and twenty five of another keep this combine alive and supply a motion through it. Lilies are out there year spherical.


  • Lilies don't go into dormancy like other bulbs or perennials. Lilies that are grown from bulbs are usually planted in the spring or fall months. Early spring is best. The bulbs have scales on them which need to be handled carefully while planting.
  • The bulbs are best planted when purchased rather than stored. If you can't plant them immediately, they will store in the refrigerator or other cool place for a short time. If a longer time is needed, plant them in a pot of soil until they can be planted outdoors.
  • Don't let the bulb dry out and don't purchase dried out ones in discount stores, because they probably won't grow. Feel them when you purchase and be sure the bulb is good and solid.
  • The plant that has been grown from a bulb can also be purchased during the summer months and then planted. Planting bulbs is more economical, though


Each stem includes a mean of three to five flowers. Oriental lilies have terribly perfumed flowers that are 6'' to 8'' across once they're totally bloomed. Lilies are shipped with ten stems per bunch and are bundled on by a tool. Expected jar life may well be a mean minimum of eight days. Amount can depend on the temperature. Cooler temperatures can end in associate extended jar life. Since flowers are a product of Mother Nature and since of variation in monitor resolutions, the precise color tones of this flower could vary to some extent.
Lilies have a pair of parts to their stamen: the stalk and thus the anther. It’s necessary for you to carefully succeed the anthers from the stalk as a result of the flower is gap. If you permit the anthers connected to the stalk, then a yellow spore will kind. This yellow spore will stain everything it touches! It’ll stain your hands, the flower, and covering. If spore stains the bloom, subtract with a cleaning device.

Trumpet Lily. Also called an Aurelian Lily, the trumpet lily is the most iconic lily due to the trumpet shape of its blooms. ... Easter Lily. Another iconic lily, the lilium longiflorum, is a very popular lily during the Christian celebration of Easter. ... Asiatic Lily. ... Oriental Lily. ... Martagon Hybrid Lily
Pets & Disease

Lily disease caused by the fungal leaf pathogen Botrytis elliptica. Soil-borne fungal pathogens Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lilii and Rhizoctonia solani which affect the bulbs. Strains of Tulip breaking virus.
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