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Cymbidium are shipped directly from our farms to your step. Before shipping your flowers, we prepare them for his or her journey with correct association ways in which. If your flowers seem sleepy-eyed and thirsty once their long journey, this may be absolutely ancient. Follow these direct steps to verify your flowers have the right care.

Life Of Flower

40 Days

5 - 7 Degree
Season Availablity
Late summer
Country Availablity
Color Availablity



Average Flower Width: 2 to 4 inches
Average Stem Length: 20 inches
Symbolism: Love, luxury, strength, rare and delicate beauty.

Cymbidium are shipped absolutely flower. There ought to not receive the flowers many days earlier for flowering functions. If you would like, you'll be able to leave your orchids standing upright with the stems at intervals the water tubes until you are able to vogue the flowers.

Do not refrigerate your orchids, it's attending to hurt them. Best temperature for your orchids is 18°c or 65°f. One thing cooler than this would possibly potential be hurtful and can harm the flowers.


  1. Moisten your potting mix
  2. Gently pull plant from original pot and shake all potting mix from roots.
  3. Trim dead or damaged roots.
  4. Work apart roots under pseudobulbs if you plan to divide plant. When cutting through roots, include a “back bulb,” a bulb without a leaf, along with two or three bulbs with leaves. While pseudobulbs divided and planted singly will continue growing, you won’t have a flower that year.
  5. Create a cone of potting mix in the pot or pots.
  6. Gently arrange the roots around this cone.
  7. Fill the rest of the container with the mix, working it between the roots.
  8. Fertilize and water, allowing to drain.


Wedding flower pack fifty roses and flower orchids can be a report, lively combine, placed on with ornate theatrics from the sheer natural fruits of the color and sort of the provided flowers. The first focal of the equipment exchanges that the fifty stems of roses, thus divided in zero.5 to induce a combine of equal color selections. Twenty-five stems of 1 of our thirteen color judgments and twenty five of another keep this combine alive and supply a motion through it. With this package, you will receive a flower accents, and no specific lip color. The amount and intensity of every tone could vary relying upon Mother Nature.

  • Cymbidium are offered year spherical
  • Cymbidium orchids have a mean of five to ten flowers per stem.
  • Orchids unit shipped with water tubes to supply continuous association throughout shipping.
  • Boxes can contain cotton like protecting wrapping to form positive correct travel.
  • Expected jar life can be a mean minimum of eight days with correct care and handling.
  • Since flowers are a product of Mother Nature and because of variation in monitor resolutions, the precise color tones of this flower could vary to a degree.

Cattleya. Large showy flowers in white, lavender, purple, yellow and red. ... Cymbidium. Tall stems of gorgeous flowers in white, pink, red, green or yellow. ... Dendrobium. ... Miltonia. ... Oncidium. ... Paphiopedilum. Phalaenopsis.
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