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Wedding flower pack fifty roses and Tulip orchids could also be a report, exciting mix, donned with ornate theatrics from the sheer spontaneous fruits of the color and type of the provided flowers. The primary focal of the combo is that the fifty stems of roses, therefore divided in one to urge two equal color choices. Twenty-five stems of 1 of our 13 color choices and twenty 5 of another keep this mix alive and provide a motion through it. Our flowers are shipped directly from our farms to your step. Before shipping your flowers, we prepare them for his or her journey with correct association methods. If your flowers seem sleepy and thirsty once their journey it’s completely traditional. Follow these easy steps to confirm your flowers have the right care. Your tulips can arrived closed, however once placed in water the stem can still grow and the head can flower considerably.

Life Of Flower

40 Days

5 - 7 Degree
Season Availablity
October to November
Country Availablity
Color Availablity



Tulips even have a natural bend. If tulip stems are slightly bowed, trim stem tips and roll the tulips in newspaper with the paper extending on top of the flower super, however not covering the lower third of the stems. Place them upright in water with a supply of light directly on top of them. Tulip heads naturally follow the sunshine, therefore inserting light directly on top of them can facilitate to straighten a bent stem.

  • Your tulips will arrive closed, but once placed in water, the flower and stem will still open and grow well.
  • Tulips are phototropic, which implies that the flowers will follow the sunshine. If potential, conceive to place the flowers directly beneath the sunshine so as that the flowers stand straight.
  • Tulips have a natural bend. Please see the flower care tab for careful care directions.
  • Since flowers are a product of Mother Nature and because of variation in monitor resolutions, the precise color tones of this flower may vary to a point.


When to plant tulips:

As a general rule, tulips should be planted in the fall. More specifically, plant bulbs September to early October for zones 4 and 5; October to early November for zones 6 and 7; November to early December for zones 8 and 9; and late December to early January for zone 10. In zones 8 to 10, bulbs should be refrigerated for 6 to 8 weeks before planting.

Where to plant tulips:

Plant in a location that will receive full sun, with good drainage. If planted in the shade, they’ll be weak and spindly with small flowers. If planting taller varieties, make sure they are in an area protected from strong wind.

How to plant tulips:

Tulip bulbs should be buried 6 to 8 inches below the soil line, pointed end up, spaced 4 to 6 inches apart. To ensure that bulbs planted together will bloom at the same time, make sure they are planted at exactly the same depth.


What’s the excellence between the forms of tulips?

When your boxes arrive, it's vital that you simply get your flowers in water as quickly as potential. Open your boxes and take away any protecting packaging, like foam or paper.

  • Inspect your flowers.
  • Gather buckets or containers to carry the flowers.  
  • Guarantee your buckets or containers are very clean. 
  • We advocate emotion them with heat water.
  • Fill the containers with at least four inches of fresh, cold water.
  • Cut any straps and take away flowers from the box. Take away any rubber bands or plastic sleeves securing flower bunches along.
  • Leaves below the water line could cause bacteria to make, shortening the life of your flowers.


There are many varieties of tulips to choose from. Some have single flowers, others have double flowers, some have solid color foliage, others have variegated foliage, some bloom early, others bloom lateand the list goes on.

Tulips can be classified into 15 cultivar groups, which are as follows:

  • Species tulips (sometimes called wild or botanical tulips)
  • Parrot tulips
  • Fringed tulips
  • Rembrandt tulips (the modern, virus-free version of broken tulips)
  • Darwin hybrid tulips
  • Triumph tulips
  • Lily-flowered tulips
  • Single early tulips
  • Double early tulips
  • Single late tulips
  • Double late tulips
  • Viridiflora tulips
  • Kaufmanniana tulips
  • Fosteriana tulips (also known as Emperor tulips)
  • Greigii tulips
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