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Wax Flower

Wax flower provide by Annapurna. There are several reason of selecting wax flower for decoration purpose. Throughout the summer and time of year, it displays little round floral leaf flowers. Wax flower blooms with pink, purple white or red flowers and in and of itself could be a very talked-about selection for cut flowers. It conjointly includes an Amygdales capitalism and lemon bouquet that is one more reason why it's therefore common as a cut-flower selection.

Life Of Flower

40 Days

5 - 7 Degree
Season Availablity
Winter to early spring
Country Availablity
Color Availablity

Wax Flower
Wax Flower
Wax Flower
Wax Flower
Wax Flower
Wax Flower


  • Wax Flowers area unit seasonally offered from Gregorian calendar month through could.
  • Each stem incorporates a spray of many tiny blooms.
  • White Waxflower will vary from lightweight blush to solid white.
  • The center of the wax flower bud will vary from pink to inexperienced to yellow in tone.
  • Wax flowers area unit shipped in grower's bunches; these area unit handful-sized bunches that average twelve to eighteen stems.
  • Expected jar life is a mean of five days.
  • Wax flowers have woody stems which will be troublesome to chop.
  • Wax Flowers can shed and this can be to be expected. {you could|you'll|you will} realize blooms within the box that have fallen off throughout shipping and that they may still shed throughout process, don't be afraid. there'll still be many loveable blooms remaining!
  • Since flowers area unit a product of Mother Nature and because of variation in monitor resolutions, the precise color tones of this flower could vary to a point.


  • Amend soil, if necessary, with plenty of organic matter and till to a depth of 8 to 10 inches for quickest establishment. Ensure the soil is well draining and add sand or other gritty material to enhance percolation.
  • Young plants will need supplemental irrigation as they establish but mature plants can withstand fairly long periods of drought. Be advised that dry conditions may affect production of flowers but the plant will still astound with its rich red stems and attractive leaves.
  • The healthiest plants are produced by mimicking Chamelaucium growing conditions in its native Australia where soils are sandy and moisture is sparse, except during the rainy season. Full sun locations and annual pruning will enhance the form and growth of the plant while encouraging flowers.


Our flowers are shipped directly from our farms to your doorstep. Before shipping your flowers, we prepare them for their journey with proper hydration methods. If your flowers appear sleepy and thirsty after their journey it is absolutely normal. Follow these simple steps to ensure your flowers have the proper care.
" Keep in mind the tendency for wax flowers to shed when you arrange and set up for your event."

  • When your boxes arrive, it is important that you get your flowers in water as quickly as possible. Open your boxes and remove any protective packaging, such as foam or paper.
  •  Inspect your flowers.
  • Gather buckets or containers to hold the flowers. Ensure your buckets or containers are very clean. We recommend rinsing them with warm water.
  • Fill the containers with at least 4 inches of fresh, cold water. If flower food is available, follow the package directions for adding it to the water.
  • Cut any straps and remove flowers from the box. Remove any rubber bands or plastic sleeves securing flower bunches together. 
  • Remove any foliage that would fall below the waterline. Leaves below the waterline may cause bacteria to form, shortening the life of your flowers. 
  • Using sharp flower shears or scissors, cut stems diagonally under cool, running water. Cut about an inch off of each stem.
  • Immediately after cutting the stem, place the flower in the prepared water. 
  • Ensure that you have sufficient room in each bucket for the amount of stems you will be storing. Do not overcrowd your containers. Overcrowding may damage stems and flowers and effect the flowering process. 
  • Allow flowers at least 4 hours to hydrate, flowers may take up to 12 hours to properly hydrate. Periodically check the water levels, flowers drink a lot of water when they first arrive and the water may need to be refilled.
  • Keep flowers away from direct sunlight, drafts or extreme temperatures. Flowers should be stored in a cool, dry area until ready to use.
  • Change water every 24 hours to keep flowers fresh.

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Pets & Disease

Botrytis. Powdery mildew. Alternaria leaf and stem blights. Branch dieback.
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