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Pin Cushion

Wedding flower pack fifty roses and Pin Cushion orchids is also a discharging, spirited mix, placed on with ornate theatrics from the sheer unplanned fruits of the color and style of the provided flowers. The primary focal of the combo is that the fifty stems of roses, so divided in 0.5 to urge 2 equal color picks. Twenty-five stems of 1 of our 13 color picks and twenty 5 of another keep this mix alive and provide a motion through it. Pin cushion are focal flowers and is completely bloomed ready to use there is no special preparation required.

Life Of Flower

40 Days

5 - 7 Degree
Season Availablity
Late spring/early summer
Country Availablity
Color Availablity

Pin Cushion
Pin Cushion
Pin Cushion
Pin Cushion
Pin Cushion
Pin Cushion


Average Stem Length: Average minimum of 12 inches
Symbolism:  Pincushion flowers represent diversity and courage.

Each stem choices one flower. Expected jar life may be a median minimum of half-dozen days with correct care and handling. Pincushion flowers at 2 to 3 inches broad. Pincushion flowers are shipped directly from our farms to your step. Before shipping your flowers, we prepare them for his or her journey with correct association methods. If your flowers seem asleep and thirsty once their long journey, this is often fully traditional. Follow these easy steps to confirm your flowers have the correct care.

When your boxes arrive, it's necessary that you simply get your flowers in water as quickly as doable. Open your boxes and remove any protecting packaging, like foam or paper.


  • Plants are easy to grow. They need little attention during the year. Plants do not like cold or hot, humid weather.
  • Grow plants in full sun to light shade.
  • Scabiosa plants like rich, organic, well drained soil.  Ideal soil pH: 6.0 - 7.5..
  • Mix compost into the planting site, when first planting or when dividing and replanting crown.
  • Keep soil moist not wet. Apply extra water during droughts and hot weather.
  • Fertilize once in the spring with a general purpose fertilizer, after plants have begun to grow. Fertilize again in early summer.
  • Mulch around plants to keep weeds down, and for a neat and tidy appearance.
  • Deadhead spent blooms as soon as they have died off. This will prompt the plant to produce new flowers all season long.


Gather buckets or containers to carry the flowers. Guarantee your buckets or containers are terribly clean. We advocate removal them with heat water to confirm your flowers keep as healthy as doable.

  • Fill the containers with a Minimum of four inches of recent, cool water. If flower food is offered, follow the package directions for adding it to the water.
  • Cut away any straps securing the flowers to the box and take away your flowers. Take away any rubber bands or plastic sleeves securing flower bunches along.
  • Trim any foliage that might be below the line. You will additionally wish to trim a lot of of the foliage; the less foliage, the lot of water gets the bloom.
  • Using sharp flower shears or scissors, cut stems diagonally beneath cool, running water. Cut concerning an in Off of every stem.
  • Immediately once cutting the stem, place the flower within the ready water.
  • Continue this method till all of your flowers are in water. Don’t overcrowd your containers.
  • Store your flowers inside. Optimum storage temperature for tropical flowers is between 55°f to 75°f. This is often vital for tropical flowers. 
  • Don’t refrigerate your tropical flowers. Refrigeration can harm the flowers. Keep them off from direct daylight, drafts, and excessive heat also.
  • Let your flowers hydrate before composing them. Enable flowers a minimum of four hours to hydrate, flowers might take up to twelve hours to properly hydrate. 
  • Sporadically check the water level. Tropical flowers drink plenty of water when they 1st arrive, thus it'll likely got to be refilled.
  • Change the water for your flowers ever 24-48 hours to confirm they keep healthy and happy. Re-cut the stems once giving them water.

Butterfly Blue Pincushion Flower Blue Note Pincushion Flower Ritz Rose Pincushion Flower
Pets & Disease

  • Pin Cushion Flower is seldom are bothered by insects and disease. Generally, these plants do not need insecticides or fungicides.
  • If insect or disease problems occur, treat them early with an insecticidal soap and /or fungicide.
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